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Lucas says...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

"When I grow up I'm not going to be a police or a fire person or even a super hero. I'm going to be what dad is."
I ask... "What is dad?"
L "Dad is a p... p... pas... what is it called again?"
M "A pastor?"
L "Yup... I'm going to be a pastor."
Lucas runs to tell Pernell
L "When I grow up Dad I'm going to be you... like you... a p... p... mom what is it called again?"
M "Pastor"
L "Yup, dad that is what you are and what I am going to be. I'm going to take over The Freeway when you die and be the pastor. I'm going to tear it down and build it again and be the pastor. What do you think dad?"
P "(Pernell said nothing until he caught his breath from laughing so hard) Great Luke, that sounds really great! You will be a great pastor."

Pernell is going to pastor The Freeway until he dies, Lucas is a pastor in training, and Lucas is already planning the next building for The Freeway. Also... the Goodyears are apparently never leaving The Freeway. Good news to me!!!!

  1. Blogger Leslie said:

    so cute. They observe us so closely eh?

    The Freeway community will be glad to hear it I'm sure!

  1. Blogger Steve said:

    You know what's so cool about that? Well, since you asked ;) what's so cool about that is that you and Pernell are doing it in a way that makes it look like something he would want to do too! (Early Thanksgiving, anyone?)

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