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Seven!!!! Wow!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Well my little princess turned SEVEN on Saturday! Where did those seven years go?!?!?!

We had her party on Saturday. There were 11 girls. We had a make-over party. They had soooo much fun! We did nails, hair and lip gloss. They were all so polite and so happy! I really had a blast! Sam read each card before opening a gift and thanked everyone (without a prompt from me)... I think she is really all grown up!

A HUGE thanks to Sarah M, Natasha and Jackie for helping me out!

Note: Lori, when you commented that Sam slept over at your house the night Lucas was born... don't you mean Sam lay in a bed with you and kept you awake all night :)

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    Margie: Yes Sam mostly did not sleep, but she was so cute. She was really the first kid that made me want to have kids and you guys were the first parents to make me believe that I could be a parent. Your kids are all so great, I thought that if I could have kids like yours, then there would be nothing to it.
    Sorry I missed the party, it sounded like fun.

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