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I wouldn't steal a baby...

Monday, May 02, 2005

After Jake's party on Saturday, Krista and Mark watched the kids at our house so Pernell and I could go fridge shopping (what fun). Then when we got back Mark and Krista went out for the evening and the girls stayed with us. As they left Pernell went to move our car since it was behind M and K's. I was sitting on the living room floor holding Eden (we were having some good chuckles), Lucas walked in the living room, gave me a strange look and said, "That is not our baby." I laughed and replied that I knew that but we were going to watch Eden for the evening. Lucas responded, "No for real that is not ours".

I wouldn't steal a baby...

Anyhoooo, I had a good laugh, and Lucas didn't question me any further. It really was Eden and I gave her back.

  1. Blogger Bumbling Bav said:

    My girlfriend was talking about having another baby and all our kids were in her van. My Baby turned to her and said "No Auntie, you can't have TOOOOO many babies. You have enough!".

    I have no idea why she said it, since my girlfriend only has 2 kids.

    Kids say strange things, that only we find funny.

    My girlfriend in the end turned to my Baby and said "I know (insert her youngest sons name) he seems like 3 babies all rolled into one."

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    That is tooo cute! He must have been worried you were planning on keeping her forevvvvver!


  1. Anonymous sehtastic said:

    I LOVE reading your blog!
    its so funny and full of honesty and entertaining and yeah... it helps me destress at work! Yay!

  1. Blogger pumpkinhead said:

    That's too cute :). Right away he got suspicious. It's so nice when you can give them back, tho isn't it? It's the best of all possible worlds.

  1. Anonymous Dave said:

    I LOVE EDEN!!!.......and everyone else involved in the story as well, of course. hehe

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