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Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it doesn't hurt but you remember the original wound...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Have you ever had a really bad fall and then ended up with a deep thick scab? Then a few days later when you have not forgotten about the scab but it doesn't hurt any more, part of it get's ripped off and you are reminded all over again about the original injury?

Have you ever broken a bone and after it heals you bump that limb and feel not pain but a reminder that you were once injured?

One year ago today we lost our baby boy. I don't feel the same pain and anguish that I felt the first two times. I am reminded of the pain and sorrow. I am reminded that there is a piece of my heart I will never have back.

On this weekend with the beautiful sun, light breeze, friends and family around me, the reminder doesn't sting as much as the wound. I thank God that he is a healing God, a patient God, a God of emotion and love. I can walk this time with my head held a little higher. The reminder hurts but doesn't cripple me. The though of having to face tomorrow isn't impossible.

So I say a prayer again today as I have every day this past year, being thankful for my three children I can hug every day, my husband who loves me and supports me, and the hundreds of other positive things I see and are part of each day.

Rest in peace my three angels.

  1. Blogger Melissa said:

    Love you lots Margie!!

  1. Blogger Laura said:

    Hugs to you my Friend.

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    I never fully understood the pain of losing a baby until it happened to me.

    For me now the best thing is I can think about that little baby and not feel guilty for thinking about him again. He so often pops into my thoughts when I am alone.

    I am so thankful you have healed and that God has been there to help you through it all.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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