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What a week...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We dropped the kids off at Camp on Sunday. We rushed back to Hamilton to pick up some people who are staying with us for the week. Pernell and I are staying in the boys room for the week... I am certianly not sleeping well... maybe due to a different bed, maybe due to the airconditioner blaring, maybe due to thinking of the kids, maybe due to the anticipation of holidays (FOUR SLEEPS!!!)...

I really want to lay down and sleep for about two hours...

I saw Bear's new siblings in person and held my brother-in-laws new little boy... SOOOO ADORABLE!!!

Trying not to get to excited about holidays as I still have 1 1/2 days of work left (plus 6 hours left today...).

Have to pack... want to sleep...

I wanted to have a date with my husband this week as we have no children... but there is no time:( Ubber sad about that.

ok off to finish my day of work.

Miss my children ever so much!

  1. Blogger miranda said:

    remember me when you come back ... go on a date, i'll stay home and play with the children!!!

    miss you!

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