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A moment in time...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sam got a gift certificate for Christmas from Claire's. Sam had asked that the family go to the mall together on Saturday. Pernell ended up beyond sick so he stayed home with the boys. I took a deep breath and decided to brave the mall with Sam.

When we got to the mall, Sam looked around the store, priced a few things, looked at the list of things she wanted to get, and made some tough decisions. Suddenly it was like I was looking in at my life. I looked down and saw my little girl had grown up. I don't remember this happening, even though I can name countless times Sam matured, took the next step or seemed older.

We went to another store I wanted to look in, and as we walked along Sam held my hand. It was in that moment I choked back tears and wanted to hold her hand so tight that she would never let go.

I love that my daughter has grown, matured and is becoming a little lady... I can't believe that it has happened... is happening... will continue to happen...

All I can say now is I will cherish that moment forever, and love the moments she wants to be with me, part of my life, and not embarrassed to be with me.

I love my baby girl.

  1. Blogger Tara said:

    beautifully said! you made me tear up!

  1. Blogger Scott, Dee and Emily said:

    What a great post. I never knew of this writing talent! We have a blog, too- if you have time, check'er out! BTW, I just checked out your church and it looks super cool- my hubby's a pastor, too! But no tatoos...:) It's so nice to be able to reconnect with people, eh? Especially with the connection of Chrost- it makes all the difference- it's like a family reunion!:)

  1. Blogger Scott, Dee and Emily said:

    I meant Christ- not Chrost- but you probably got that already:)

  1. Blogger miranda said:


    i've said it before, and i'll say it again, i effn' love that girl. she is so wonderful and i LOVE chatting with her and getting to know her more and more!!

    she is truely amazing(but you knew that)!!

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