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The never ending pile...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I had forgotten how much and how weird laundry smells after a child has been at camp for a week!

Glad to have my kids back after a week at Mini-Yo-We... a camp with high recommendations from my kids!!! As well as myself!

Jake is in his glory with "bruddy and sissy" back!

Lucas had an amazing time, although he didn't show any excitement when he saw us. I think he would have stayed at camp without questioning for the rest of his life.

Sam hasn't stopped talking. I have heard every song at least twice and every once in a while she gets so excited talking she ends up on her tip toes dancing as she talks. I see the biggest change in her. She seems to have grown up 5 years since I last saw her. She is now happy in her room listening to music and puttering around looking at all her things in her room (like she has never seen any of them before!).

Me I am tackling the now heap of odd smelling laundry(mind you it brought back memories of my camp days)... I could be at this for a while!

Pernell is trying to stretch out his back as the three hour drive took 5 1/2 hours due to; road closures, accidents, weekend traffic, construction and idiot drivers...

Oh well we are all happy to be back together and be back home!!! Hope you are all well also!!

  1. Blogger Alison said:

    I do seem to remember an "odd" odour some years ago on your return home from camp....

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