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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I get a rush out of sending parcels to people. I think I am cracked! I actually am crazy waiting for people to get a parcel... just as much as I'm crazy if I'm knowing something is coming to me!

I am prime nerd material!

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    I know exactly how you feel! I sent something to someone a little while ago and I can not wait for them to get it. Doesn't it feel good?

  1. Blogger Margie said:

    I really think it is crazy how I feel, like a kid waiting on Christmas morning to open presents... so glad you understand :)

  1. Blogger Alison said:

    Well....I lo0ve getting your parcels
    I'll have to get better at sending them!

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    "Tis better to give than receive....."

    I saw the UPS man drive by yesterday and I actually contemplated carjacking him.

    I mean really think of all the good stuff that must be in that truck? Cookies for some college kid from Grandma, t.v.'s, computers, clothes. Oooo the goodies one could have!

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