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a quick over view...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Friday Jacob turned 3... no more babies in my house :( In the evening Pernell and I went to a wedding rehearsal. Jen K and Melissa B babysat for us. The kids had a blast! Jake was so happy to have Jen in his house.

Meghan saved our lives and babysat for us on Saturday until Jamie and Melissa R got there. The wedding was amazing! I really and truly don't remember ever seeing such a beautiful bride! It was a wonderful wedding. It was fun hanging out with Sarah, Melissa B, Natasha, and Dave!

When I was getting ready for the wedding Jake came running upstairs calling out to help him pee. I walked out of my room in a skirt (not usual for me) and sweater outfit. Jake took one look at me and gave me the ten times over as he backed up to the toilet. As he peed he said "is that your lula (What Jake calls skirts... don't ask we don't get it either) mama?" I said "yes it is do you like it?" He responded that he did and then as he pulled his pants up he said, "You wearing underwear mama?" (Jake likes to wear dresses and he never wears underwear when he is wearing a dress). I responded that I was. He smiled. I asked if I was a good girl... he looked under my dress, saw that in fact I was wearing underwear and said, "Yes you good girl mama!"

Lucas is having a hard go of this allergy season. Red eyes, runny nose and more puffer then usual. He has also been hitting again, not at school thank goodness!

Sam is sooooo excited about her upcoming birthday. How can my first born be turning 7... I still want to hold her and rock her and call her my baby...

I took Jake for his yearly check up at the Docs yesterday. Jake is now 3ft 1 and 28.7lbs. Yes folks he has not only gained weight but is almost up to the 25%... I am such a proud mama!!!!! BUT... Jake is going for allergy testing and then in the fall he goes to and ENT and it is probable that he will have to get his tonsils out. Jake has a lot more limphnodes then he should, which is often a sign of alergins... oh well it could be worse! At least we are getting somewhere!

Pernell's back is bad again. He goes in about a month to try the injections again...

Well folks I am off to do some more paper work... I know, I know... I know how to have a good time :) Have a good one and we shall chat again soon.

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    Wow! You have lots going on over there!

    Congrats to Jacob! Mr. Bill can't wait for his birfday when he turns 3!

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    So glad you finally blogged again, I missed you! Glad you had a good weekend. Will keep you in prayers for the rest of the stuff with Jakey and Lucas and Pernell. I call Emma "Lula" as a nickname. Funny.

  1. Blogger Bumbling Bav said:

    Well now we know you do not go camando! Thank goodness.

    My oldest will be turning 6, and the thought of that makes me break into tears!

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