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Phase 1 in progress...

Saturday, May 21, 2005

We got a huge lot done on Melissa's back yard today! Wow it looks awesome! The neighbors even commented about all we did and they couldn't see that far into the yard! I feel great... tiered, pooped, worn out, exhausted... but great!

The kids were soooooo good today and we had an awesome time at Melissa's... (I even gave her homework)! The next set of pictures will come your way soon!!!!

Accomplished today:
Pruning, raking, sweeping, grass seed and fertilizer spread, stumps removed, field trip to Home Depot... and more. Four big yard waste bags, four garbage bags, three huge bundles of cardboard, six foot by three foot pile of branches, a heap of boards... and more. Job well done!!!

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    I see the potential! What a ton of work! I love that physically exhausted feeling from knowing you worked your butt off!

    Can't wait for phase two pictures!

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