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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

So I was laying on the couch with the anti-sleeper last night and Pernell called down that the phone was for me... it was big Dave! We had a nice chat and got caught up on a few things and I was happy to hear his voice! I miss my friends in Calgary... still don't want to live there again... but maybe I should plan a visit!

Big Dave gave Lucas a remote control Little Tikes car for his first birthday. Lucas ran from it crying... very fun for us! Lucas now loves the car and so do the other two. I would definitely put it in the top three gifts that the kids have received in their life times! Every time we play with it I think of Big Dave, Kim and Sarah :)

I'm still gonna email you Dave!!!

  1. Blogger Cori said:

    That is sweet. Don't you love getting presents that freak the kids out at first? We had a talking Elmo when the kids were little and they were scared to death of it. So of course i tortured them with it at first.I'm such a mean mommy!!

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