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A little too fast

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

At Supper Lucas and Samantha poured their own Ketchup, Sam opened and poured her own pop, Lucas poured his own pop, Samantha served up her own food, and then said - oh I can't remember what it was exactly but - she made her fingers do the quotation action and used it right...

They are growing up TOO FAST!!!!

We taught Sam how to run her own bath tonight and Pernell told her she could move out on her own now... she said ok.

I am going to chain her to my side... how did my baby girl girl get so grown up????????????????

Sigh... tear slipping down cheek... bigger sigh

  1. Blogger Bumbling Bav said:

    Stop the craziness!

    My son said something the other day that made me look at him and realize time is going toooooo fast!

    What are we going to do?


  1. Blogger Leslie said:

    It is a harsh reality isn't it? It came to me this week while packing. I got rid of every last baby thing in the house. I found myself hugging onto baby sleepers and clothes "no more babies"

    I'm trying to look on the bright side and enjoy their independance, it gives me a little more freedom that I have put on hold for several years. (yes I know that is a selfish way to look at it!)

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