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I like my friends

Monday, January 24, 2005

Some of my closest friends have become that way through blogging. Odd as it is I haven't even met some of them face to face or even heard their voices.

I send out prayers and love to Andrea as her family goes through an emotional rollercoaster. I pray for a fast healing for your brother. I pray that even you have the list of millions to accomplish that you will remember to, stop, inhale, exhale, and sit on the toilet with earplugs in (your ears) and the door locked, no one else in the room. Love you and hope you don't run yourself down. Alison, Emily, Lisa and everyone else out East... I hope your backs don't break and you don't loose your sanity with your children. Lori, I celebrate a successful day with Oliver and a positive time at Church. I hope that this time it is right! (you know what I mean).

I like my friends. I hope that the broken hearted are picked up and the happy continue to rejoice!

Love Margie

  1. Blogger Bumbling Bav said:

    Thank you so much! You all are so wonderful to me. Alison had me crying and laughing, Bertha had me crying and crying more, and now you have me crying. But all my crying is because you are all such beautiful people that God has put in my life. Amazing that he would do it via intranet, but he never stops amazing me!

    I want you to know my brother just got the tube out of his nose.... this means things are working! When I saw him yesterday, his color was amazing, more color than he has had in yrs!

    Thank you for your love and prayers!


  1. Blogger Cori said:

    That was a relly sweet(not sweat) post!!

  1. Blogger Alison said:

    HA! I had her laughing..... it is amazing how we who have never met one another with the odd exception can be such good friends. I must say that it has eased my lonliness in a new place. Now if we could just figure out how to go out for dinner and a movie together , we'd be all set.

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