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Goodbye last year...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Pernell said to Sam yesterday (last year :) ) afternoon, so what do you think next year will bring us... this year has brought... back surgery for dad, our house flooding, Lucas starting school, Sam in full days at school, Jake toilet trained, trip to Florida, great things at our church (www.frwy.ca), meeting new friends... and more. We all just sat and looked at each other Sam said, "We will see more friends and have a great year." We all agreed.

For a few of my friends I know there are big transitions to make. Our family (as much as Pernell denies this) loves people and loves to be able to encourage and support friends. I will get sappy and say that as this year begins and we look ahead I pray for guidance, blessing and joy in everything that will come in this new year for our friends and family.

It is truly amazing to look back on a year and see what was accomplished. Especially as I look forward on this years blank canvass.

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