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No tape was required!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

I seriously can't believe it! Pernell slept in until 7:15am on Christmas morning! I didn't feel so hazy when we were opening gifts! The kids were so happy and really didn't start fighting for quite a few hours after we had opened gifts! Jake was mad at us when we told him the barbie he was playing with didn't belong to him! Sam was in her glory with My Little Pony, pink and girl crush! Lucas was truly speechless when he got a crash test dummie from Santa and Jake loved everything he opened, "ook dis mama, oh wow!" Very cute!

We had an amazing day with my in-laws and sister-in-law. It was so relaxing and nice! The kids loved seeing them and I just plain ol' adore them!!! We had an amazing dinner and Natasha was able to make it for that! Forgot to give her something so I hope she reads this and reminds me! I talked to my family in Halifax... I hope my sister doesn't poison my mother... I think it is getting to rough waters and she still has TWO WEEKS!!! I miss them all but was happy to hear their voices!

My mother-in-law is known for forgetting something in the microwave at a meal or forgetting about a present she has put away at a birthday or Christmas time... so this morning I was watching TV with the boys... a commercial came on and I said to myself, "I don't remember the boys opening that gift..." Yeah, I have turned into my mother-in-law! I forgot a present in the garage for the boys AND I noticed today the cranberry sauce was sitting on the fridge still... mind you for me it is a great compliment to be like my MIL! I'm sure the family will have a good laugh at me!

Sam has gone to stay at Nana and Poppy's for 2 nights, we join her on Monday and stay 1 night at Auntie Pam's. Lucas can not wait! So over all... I am rested in mind body and spirit! I really saw Christmas as a special day where I got to celebrate what God has done for me and my family!


add: I drove out to Tim Horton's this morning and passed the turn off where Steve and Lori had lived... MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!

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