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Merry Christmas from the Goodyears

Thursday, December 23, 2004

(family letter sent out via email... just in case some of you didn't get it, enjoy)

Hey friends & family,

Greetings. We just wanted to send a quick note to say, "Merry Christmas" and to give you a little update on what we've been up to.

We have had a busy but stupendous year in Hamilton. Lots of new and exciting stuff happening at The Freeway, including the purchasing of a 7,000 square foot space on King Street downtown in order to open up a cafe/art space/music venue. We are totally pumped about creating a space to build and engage community. We take possession of the building in late January and begin some renovations, we should be up and running by March.

We have really seen God moving in our little community. Lives are changing, big time. There is a real sense of community and care. And we give God thanks everyday for allowing us to be part of such an amazing, missional church.

Samantha started grade one this September and has been doing really, really well. She loves shopping, make-up, dresses, painting, drawing, singing and surfing the web. In fact, she recently started a blog (an online journal) to fill in all her friends and family on the goings-on of her life and mind (very scary). You can read all about it here.

Lucas started JK this fall, and has taken a little while to adjust to the structure (chip off the old block, I guess). But he has been doing well for the past month or so. He is very much a "boy". He loves running, jumping, wrestling, cars, superhero's, and rock 'n' roll.

Jacob is now two and a half and continues to explore his feminine side. Much to his Dad's chagrin he likes dresses, barbies, and twirling round and round. He also likes playing with his big brother and follows him around like a little puppy. Very cute. And, if truth be known, he is definitely Mommy's little boy.

Margie stays very busy at work three days a week at CCAS, but has managed to juggle mom-hood, work-hood, wife-hood, friend-hood and has even managed to offer volunteer time to several worthy causes including The Freeway, S.A. Christmas kettles, Samantha & Lucas' school, etc.

Pernell has only been arrested once this year (in an unfortunate case of mistaken identity)... seriously. And has otherwise been able to stay out of trouble. Quite a feat. His back continues to give him alot of pain, although he doesn't let on very often. He has been working on writing a book about his journey as a church planter for quite a while now and hopes to have it completed by the spring (knock on wood).

Well, that's enough about us. We would love to hear from you soon, and know what's going on in your life.

We pray that Jesus, who left his home in glory to be born in a foul-smelling, poo covered barn as a helpless little baby over 2000 years ago would truly give you his peace and joy at this Christmas time and in the new year as well.

We love you.

Pernell, Margie
Samantha, Lucas & Jacob

  1. Blogger Bumbling Bav said:

    What a wonderfull letter!

    We wish you many happy returns for the New Year.

    Love The Procee Family

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Merry Christmas to the Goodyears and everyone I met while in Hamilton.
    Char/Revsmom [it's sure been wonderful having the Steve and Lori and our grandkiddies so close]

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