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It ended just as perfect!!!

Monday, December 20, 2004

So we went and did some errands... the kids were actually quite good... loud but good. We bought more fish... one has died-thank goodness for the 14 day guarantee!!!

Jake had a nap, Sam played, Lucas ran around like a mad man and did puzzles with Grammy... I went to the new building (our church) to have a meander with some others from the church...

For supper we had a chicken and ham dinner. Sooooo good if I may say so myself! I went to a store to get a present for my husband... they told me it was discontinued... pooh on them. Oh well I'm sure I will figure something else out.

Wrapped my nieces and nephews presents to send with mom.


  1. Blogger Bumbling Bav said:

    You are sooo nice.... just everything about you is not fake and truely nice. Why can't you move here and start a church. Every church we try here people seem so fake.... the smiles, the kindness.... but as soon as they are out of church.... same old same old.

    I just wish I could get to know someone like you in the church we have attended a full 3.... LOL....times this year. I have met nobody.... ya that is right, nobody. Even the people teaching sunday school have not even taken the time to say "Welcome to our church". Right now I would take any kind of friendliness. However the preaching has ROCKED every time we are there. (3 times)

    I want to make new friends, and keep the old ones I have. I want to better myself and educate myself. I want to move forward.... this is my goal for the new year. Got any good book ideas?????

    Love Andrea

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    Move to Hamilton. They really do rock.

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