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Our Bear... a little too cute for words!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

She is finally home and is loved VERY much!!!

Just a sleepy gal...

Madi is thrilled we have a dog!!!

odd sleeping habits so far... yes she is asleep with her legs in the air!
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Madi and Jake loving Bear... and being silly!!!
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A moment in time...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sam got a gift certificate for Christmas from Claire's. Sam had asked that the family go to the mall together on Saturday. Pernell ended up beyond sick so he stayed home with the boys. I took a deep breath and decided to brave the mall with Sam.

When we got to the mall, Sam looked around the store, priced a few things, looked at the list of things she wanted to get, and made some tough decisions. Suddenly it was like I was looking in at my life. I looked down and saw my little girl had grown up. I don't remember this happening, even though I can name countless times Sam matured, took the next step or seemed older.

We went to another store I wanted to look in, and as we walked along Sam held my hand. It was in that moment I choked back tears and wanted to hold her hand so tight that she would never let go.

I love that my daughter has grown, matured and is becoming a little lady... I can't believe that it has happened... is happening... will continue to happen...

All I can say now is I will cherish that moment forever, and love the moments she wants to be with me, part of my life, and not embarrassed to be with me.

I love my baby girl.

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Just a bit of info for all ya'll

Thursday, January 10, 2008


The Jolliffe's leave in 9 sleeps and start their 4 day trek across our beautiful country. They have their accommodation's booked and travel games ready! Pray for them as they say their goodbye's and as they get ready to do a lot of driving!

I found a really neat website that, if you want, you can sign up and get a green tip of the day! I am loving learning a bunch of new things on how I can make this planet last a wee bit longer!

Our puppy comes home in 16 sleeps!!! Oh sooo exciting!

I have just finished my first FULL week back to work, although I did work a day and a half last week also... I am pooped! Oh well, I am glad to be back.

My mom turns 80 this August. My sister and I are planning a garden party open house party for her. Man we have some great ideas!!! So far we are working well together! Right Alison!!!

The weather is weird... never know what you're gonna get when you step out the door!!!

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Randome babbles about me!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Here's how it works:
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1. The last last time I wore make-up was 11 and 1/2 years ago at my wedding.

2. I hate buying new underwear,,, it may get tattered and (well you get the picture...) but I just like my underwear to be familiar.

3. I hate sweeping and mopping. I would rather clean a bathroom 5 times than sweep or mop.

4. I never set my alarm clock to an even time, ie - I would set it for 6:37am. Always have done this.

5. I used to be a lifeguard and now I don't enjoy swimming very much.

6. I look like my mom yet there is no blood relation.

7. I love playing mindless games on the computer. That has only happened in the past year or so.

Now I tag -

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BEAR (Only three more weeks until she comes home!!!!)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

This is the kids holding all three girls (there are three girls and two boys in the litter).

This is the girl we picked out, Bear.

This is Bear again, being loved by Lucas.

This is Jake making one of the girls dance.
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More Bear

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Sam loving one of the girls.

Pernell and Bear having a chat.
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Sometimes it is nice to reflect other times it is nice to let go as fast as you can

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What an interesting year. As I look back I have so many moments that are really hard to label, both with emotion or what meaning they had on my life.

Clearly I have learned this year! I have grown, I have become someone that I was not the year before. I was challenged, stretched and exasperated... I had joy, thanksgiving, laughter, tears, sorrow and sadness.

I am ever so thankful that New Years is celebrated. It forms and end, closes a chapter or finalizes a section of ones life. With the celebration I can let go of what has come and gone, times struggled through and moments my heart broke. I can let those go. In the same breath I can say the celebration binds the memories, saves the journey and makes real the knowledge and growth I have found. I can hold onto that.

I will say I look ahead. I see all the potential of the year ahead. I see that my heart can break and be healed, I see that knowledge will help me grow, I see that challenges don't break me and that the joys and laughter of the year ahead is the fuel that keeps my spirit running.

I have never been one to make a resolution for New Years. This year though I make a realization...

Tears of joy or sorrow grow me stronger.
Laughter makes my spirit soar.
Heartbreak gives me the opportunity to help others.
The unknown ahead is always an opportunity to become stronger.
Today I love because it is good.
Tomorrow I will love even if it is sad,
although it may take awhile to see that I can love it.
This year is mine to share with everyone I know.

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